Professing Education
A publication of the Society of Professors of Education
December, 2003. Vol.2 No.2

Professing Education

John M. Novak and Kenneth A. McClelland,

Brock University


It has been one year since the inception of Professing Education. Over the course of our first year it has been our objective to highlight the importance of education in a democratic culture. In focusing on two educative themes (Professing Education, and The Miseducation of the Democratic Public) we have been able to elicit thoughtful and provocative ideas from a wide variety of educational contexts and sources. Our plan is to continue speaking to the broader categories of educational thought in order to further generate ideas and discussion around a diverse spectrum of relevant educational issues worldwide. It is our hope that we can continue to put forth a deepening understanding of salient issues that are sensitive to both the history of the field as well as the present challenges facing the field.

As a way of furthering this endeavor we hope to bring to our readership at least one of the key lectures presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), sponsored and hosted by the Society of Professors of Education (SPE). This would involve bringing our readers at least one of the following keynote lectures: The Charles De Garmo Lecture to be delivered by Dr. Jeannie Oakes (University of California, Los Angeles), entitled, "Education for all on Equal Terms: Voices from 50 years of Struggle."; The Mary Ann Raywid Award Lecture to be delivered by Dr. William F. Pinar (Louisiana State University), entitled, "The Gender and Racial Politics of Contemporary School Reform."; and the lecture delivered on the occasion of the presentation of The Wisnieski Award for Teacher Education to the University of Maryland at Baltimore by Dr. Joseph Newman, entitled, "No Intro Course Left Behind?"

We are pleased, as well, to be able to reach a wider readership through our web site ( which contains not only present and past publications, but also additional information pertaining to this publication and its parent organization (SPE). Visitors to this site will also find a link to our sister publication, The Sophist's Bane.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and we look forward to hearing from you.