Professing Education
A publication of the Society of Professors of Education
July, 2005. Vol.4 No.1


Each year, the Society of Professors of Education presents a number of awards at the meeting of the American Educational Research Association. One such award is the Wisnieski Award for Teacher Education. This award is presented to individuals and groups who have made an outstanding contribution in the area of teacher education. At the AERA meeting in Montreal this past April, 2005, the Wisniewski award was presented to the Southern Maine Partnership from the University of Southern Maine for their stellar work in teacher education. In this special volume of Professing Education we have decided to dedicate the entire issue to their group. We have invited as guest editors the Executive Directors of the Southern Maine Partnership, Drs. Lynn Miller and David Ruff, and we are pleased that they are able to bring to our readership a comprehensive overview of their group's mission.


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