Professing Education
A publication of the Society of Professors of Education
2011. Vol.8 No.1

Editorial: Questioning the Acquisitive Professoriate

John Novak

Brock University

Welcome back to Professing Education. We hope we were missed but do not doubt that during our absence deep thought and probing questions about the educational professoriate have found other means of presentation. We do intend, however, that Professing Education can play an important role in continuing this conversation. With this in mind, we are honored to present in this edition The 2011 Charles DeGarmo Lecture by William H. Schubert, a former president of The Society of Professors of Education.

Professor Schubert, interestingly and appropriately, begins his article by taking us through Charles DeGarmo’s professional life. His noting of DeGarmo’s socio-economic observations of the dangers of a widening gap between the rich and the growing number of poor and getting poorer serves as a lead in to eleven probing questions he asks to keep alive the importance of on-going foundational and curricular inquiry. Aware of the consequences of globalization and corporatocracy, along with the superficial and arbitrary nature of standardized testing, he asks us to use multiple forms of inquiry that widen the realm of educational experiences. Ever questioning and not satisfied with smug answers, he challenges the “far too acquisitive professoriate” to get outside of itself and help regenerate questions, inquiry, and a better world. We are sure that you will enjoy this article and invite your responses.

Speaking of a better world, Professing Education is proud to announce Rahul Kumar as co-editor. Rahul has provided the technical expertise for a number of years and, and, in addition, brings to the position an eagerness for good conversation and intellectual expansion into unexplored areas. Thank you Rahul for enabling us to continue the conversation.

Thank you also to Kenneth McClelland, the former co-editor. Ken has served as an original co-editor and his vast and penetrating understanding of John Dewey and Richard Rorty deepened everything he wrote and said. We wish Ken the best in all his academic pursuits.

It is time now to move beyond introductions and production changes to the main purpose of this issue of Professing Education, the provocative thought of William H. Schubert.

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